Mad Hattie

and the Eclectic Guitarist

Mad Hattie and the Eclectic Guitarist are a classy jazz duo with a repertoire covering standards from the 1920s to the 1970s in an authentic, jazzy, vintage style. We perform throughout the region at vintage themed events and can be hired for restaurants, parties, shop openings, weddings, corporate events, murder mystery perfomances etc. at lunchtime, afternoon or evening events, as required.

We hope you like this Mad Hattie and the Eclectic Guitarist clip of That Ole Devil Called Love on youtube!

Please contact us or telephone to discuss your requirements.


  • ' Norma Miles revelled in magnificent malevolence as The Wicked One of The West and used height and  gesture to great effect...' I also liked the way you even acted with your feet at one point. You do have a good presence on stage and employ your build and movement to
    effective purpose.


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