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Which style will I suit?

Hats come in all shapes and sizes, and some may suit you more than others.  Have fun trying on a variety to see what you like.  Fascinator styles also need consideration, dependent on hairstyle and how they will stay in place.  My preference is elastic,  for day-into-evening comfort and security, but fascinators can also be mounted on combs, clips and alice bands. 

Square Faces

Faces that have a strong jaw line and a hairline with a square edge will look wonderful wearing brimmed hats particularly when worn at an angle or wearing the brim asymmetrically. Fascinators can be worn towards the side of the face.  Experiment to find the perfect look.

Narrow Faces

Faces that are slender and almost the same width at the jaw line as the temples will suit brimmed and full hats which are perfect for weddings and the races. Try to avoid tall narrow hats and choose those with large and small brims depending on your taste. If you prefer something smaller, experiment with fascinators.

Wide Faces

Faces that are broad and almost the same width at the jaw line as the temples suit 'off the face' styles like  Bretons or pillbox hats worn on the back of the head. Alternatively a fascinator worn to the back of the head will also look fabulous.

Round Faces

Faces that are full with a rounded chin and the widest point is at the cheeks and ears are so striking wearing big hats and those with brims worn at an angle - perfect for Ascot!  Choose hats where the crown is wider than your face unless the brim is the most prominent feature. Try to avoid small fez or pill-box hats, instead experiment with fascinators or look amazing in a feminine trilby worn at a rakish angle!

Heart Shaped Faces

Faces that are wider across the temple and hairline, narrowing to a small, delecate chin will look great in almost any style of hat or fascinator – head hugging, turbans, cloches and picture hats. Wear your hats straight across the brow and straight across the hairline. The crown or fascinator width should never be narrower than the width of the cheekbones.


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  • Earlier in the year I had the great pleasure to witness Norma working in her studio as part of the Crossing Borders festival. She had on display some amazing creations varying from the traditional wide-brimmed wedding hat to party fascinators, all of which Norma can tailor to meet her clients’ specific needs. Each hat has a wonderful quality and you can see the attention to detail with which each has been created. On meeting Norma you are immediately aware of her passion and eye for style, and her sense of fun. She provides a professional and very personable service in the surroundings of her purpose made studio. I must find an occasion to go to with one of her hats!

    Lisa Wakeford

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